by Disconnected

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released November 11, 2011

Produced by Muhammad Panji, Doni Setiansyah, Maruli Hasiholan
Recorded at Masterplan Recording Chamber except Drums at Kill Studio
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Bian Krisnadwi

Design concept by Aoki Setiawan
Artwork and Photos by Aoki Setiawan & Rizky NM except "Writing a Joke" by Rizky Syafani
Band Photo by Adiasa
Disconnected Typograph by Yudha Tenggara
Slapped Together by Maruli Hasiholan



all rights reserved



Heaven Records Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesian independent records label

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Track Name: Hanya Pilihan
Satu celah terlihat berlari menyusuri
Tetap menatap takkan pernah berpaling
Berat tuk kubebankan semua telah kulalui
Tak pernah menyerah
Satu kata pasti

Waktu akan berkata
Semua Kurasa

12 tahun kini kian mendekat
Tak terasa ku masih di sini
Semua telah terlihat jelas di depan mata
Tak terasa ku masih berdiri

Bangun dan semua nyata
Hidup hanya sekali
Palsunya dunia seakan tanpa akhir
Ingat dalam sadarku
Terpikir dalam tidurku
Tak pernah menyerah
Satu kata pasti
Track Name: So Many Words
So may words to say I never know
It comes in anyway I never know

So why are we keep standing there?
No one cares about me
There's no one care I'm standing there
An oversight surrounds me like denial
That's why I think too many words

There's nothing else to say and I have lost
No matter what they say I will never change

So many words come out from my head
There is someway to get out
Is there something I can do?
So many words come out from my head
There is someway to get out
Am I wasting time with you?
Am I wasting time?

I guess my life has fallen

So many words to say
Track Name: Tonite's Too Quiet
Tonite's too quiet to spend without
Accompany standing on the sidewalk
Racing cars are ready to go
But I will pass and chill at the coffee shop

I'm not happy the world is changing
People are crazy so frustrating

The city lights inspiring me tonite
Show my way back home
Just figure out how I feel inside
Show my way back home

Nothing has been better now
Track Name: Bad Saying
I'm sittin' here in my room, my computer's on in the afternoon
I'm hoping that you call me soon in the mean time I have a thought of you
We met at school and I was a fool I didn't know that you did like me too
Something to regret, you're so hard to get what you gonna do, and

Time keeps runnin' out (time keeps runnin' out)

I'm spoken by a closest friend, He's telling me what I've got to do
I do understand but I got no plan, I'm thinking the words to say to you
And you know the fact that I'm willin' to take you to my life, you can be my wife
It's hard to believe, you won't believe me, I'll never leave you

Think about you
Something to do with you
I never had a morning blue
We had a good time
We had a lot of fun

Pulling the wool over somebody's eyes, I made stupid saying as cool as ice bamboozle
Dupe, taking in, con, rip off need an excercise so I will be tough
Last thing I would say later to you words and turn of phrase forgiving
Lay yourself down to chillin' out this misunderstanding
I've got catch-22 situation why everything has its own limitation
I'm facin an option to choose the one who can make me going through the night
Track Name: Writing A Joke
I sit here and write a song about it
I am wearing a clean shirt colored green

The love I have
Love brings more life to the sound
But I hate it a humming turns to song

I'm writing with no writing tools
Nor keyboard made for mistake
And see the paper when I close my eyes
(when I close my eyes)

I'm thinkin' if I were never been heard
I would standing on a highest ground and singing
Track Name: Voice In My Dream
The seeds are growing to grain like telling kids to be a man
This life can emerge to be a pain that will hurt you again

I can hear a voice in my dream saying that you should stop complaining
Start to watch people's back is the job for you to take

This is like when you write a poetry to make things right
When someone pointed a gun to your head is not like you will be dead

That's the reason why I'm staying by your side
(make it better, make it better, make it better than the old times)
These sayings all true
I am here for you
Track Name: Sleep
It's hard to sleep cause I always have bad dream
I can't forget anything while it's rolling in my life
I should never look back

This is a scar within my eyes it's all I've got
I can't forget anything with all I've got

The dog is barking on the backyard
There's no one heard
The night is longer than before
I just wait and see

I close the window 'cause it's getting cold outside
Four hours have passed me by
I feel the heat of the morning sun
I just wait and see

I close the window 'cause it's getting cold outside
Four hours have passed me by
I feel the heat of the morning sun
This is a brand new day

The crowd has fill the street already
I'm still laying down
A hot brown coffee on the table
It will keep me sober

I start the engine and get ready to join the crowd
The traffic always be a nightmare but I should pass through

So here I am here I'm alive
Track Name: Start Never Ends
This journey always be my new beginning
A long story gone and written on my footprint
I'm moving every day

I never want to be a superstar
Why is everybody always trapped inside
I feel it everyday
I'm never trying hard to catch

I'm trying to find and get a point of view
And asking all the people that I knew
The story goes away

I don't know
Why I'm living like a rockstar
Riding super fast car
All I know
I've been dreaming in a long time
Start never end
Before I know
I can do everything I want
Get everything I need
I will show
You the way how to get it
Starts Never End, I

It's hard to see you
I'm never going home
The darkest Part has torching me inside out
I need these go away
I'm never trying hard to catch
Track Name: The Bills
The ring ring phone call whom I talk to
I don't know what to say
But I remember last December
You will call me back

Oh my God there's something wrong with me
It's never paid on time
Should I burn the bills and run away
Make it worse and start the war?

It's time to say goodbye and again
It's time to say goodbye

Oh I will make it up someday without falling again
Things might be better and I'll live for long time

All goods have sold and still no better
I should find another
The dreams and faith are getting stronger
Believe it won't take long

Oh my God there's magic comes from nowhere
I have shown the way
Every day I feel like Sunday morning
Wake up from my bed

The business is growing faster
My family gets more closer
The money I have it all in here
The story
I'm a lonely
Track Name: Terkuat
Tak bisa kutemukan lawanku di jalan yang hilang
Meraih kesempatan untuk buktikan
Ku lebih kuat darimu dan tak akan bisa menahan tuk hancurkan
Terlihat sosok berat lawanku yang tinggi berdiri
Siap untuk hadapi kian menantang
Beranikah diriku tuk menghadapinya
Dalam sesaat ku terhempas

Ku kan bertahan dari serangan sang lawan
Tak kuberikan kesempatan tuk hancurkan
Diriku akan membalas keras sang lawan
Kan kuhabiskan semua sisa tenaga
Yang tak pernah (ada habis-habisnya)

Terhindar dari serangan lawanku
Ku kan terus melangkah
Melancarkan balasan tuk menghabiskan
Dendamku telah terbalas hanya dalam sesaat
Jadikan diriku yang terkuat

Ku kan bertahan, habiskan semua tenaga
Ku kan bertahan

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